Pleated Trim Tutorial

how to sew a pleated trim

  Remember last week, when I made the free doll pattern to match the Moo Skirt and I said I wanted to make me one? Well I did! While I was making it, I came up with an idea to spice up the trim a bit. I added horizontal pleats. They are super simple to sew [...]

Free 18″ Doll Pattern: The Moo Skirt


I have this plan to release a free 18″ doll patterns to match all of my patterns and today is the first of those! The first free doll pattern matches my Moo Skirt pattern. It’s a super easy pattern that is perfect for beginners. You can seriously whip one of these up in no time flat. [...]

Design Your Own Yoga Waist Skirt

Design your own knit skirt pattern

I’ve been wanting to make a simple skirt tutorial for a while now. You know the kind, made with knit with a yoga waistband that’s super comfy so you can wear it around the house, but cute enough to wear out too? Like these.     While I was making the tutorial, I started thinking [...]

Why I Sew


  When RaeAnna of Sewing Mama RaeAnna asked why I sewed, I really had to think about it. Not because I don’t know, but because there are just so many reasons. There is no doubt that I love sewing. I may even be a tiny bit obsessed with it. If I see a piece of clothing I [...]

Free Printable to Keep Track of Your Serger Settings


You know how when you learn a new stitch on your serger you have to look up the suggested settings for that stitch and then spend time tweaking those settings and practicing on scrap fabrics to get them just right for your machine and when you finally get them just right you jump up and [...]

The Sewing Geek Has a New Look!

The Sewing Geek New Look

  O my gosh I am sooooo happy to announce that I finally finished my theme switch!! Everything I read said that it should only take a couple of hours, but it took me 3 days!! That’s probably because I know just enough code to get myself into trouble. It’s here though! The site has [...]

Different Ways to Sew a Waistband on the Twirly Skorts


The Twirly Skorts pattern is an awesome pattern for beginners and those new to knits. However, the waistband construction method I chose can be a bit fiddly. In the pattern instructions, I have you sew the waistband to the front of the skorts, flip it over and then sew the back down by stitching in [...]

The Twirly Skorts Are Here!


Whew! I can’t tell you how happy I am to be writing this post! Monday evening I found out that water and my laptop don’t mix (imagine that). However I got her all dried out just in time to finish up some last-minute edits to the Twirly Skorts pattern and here we are! So thankfully, [...]

A New Top


Sometimes inspiration strikes at the oddest times and then morphs into something completely different. A few months ago as I was falling asleep, an idea for a little girl’s dress popped into my head. I quickly got up and drew it so I wouldn’t forget it in the morning. I tried to sew the dress [...]